My name is Lucy Barker. I am a freelance client-side/front-end web developer, based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I have two decades' experience in developing Internet things with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I have worked on every size and type of project, from small static sites all the way through to enterprise-level Content Management Systems.

My coding ethos goes something like this…

  1. Code is communication
  2. Code is creative
  3. Get the fundamentals right, build-up from there
  4. Inclusivity (accessibility) is essential and good for everyone - they just might not know it yet
  5. Always work closely with other disciplines, especially Design, Strategy, User Experience and Quality Assurance; take time to understand their concerns
  6. Knowledge management is vital; document all the things!

Interested in working with me?

You can hire me for contracts based remotely or on-site in Edinburgh.

Email me at hello at geniemouse dot com, ping me via Twitter or find out more on LinkedIn.