My name is Lucy Barker. I am a client-side web developer, based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I have over two decades' experience in developing Internet things with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I have worked on every size and type of project, from small static sites all the way through to enterprise-level content management systems.

My coding ethos goes something like this…

  1. Code is communication
  2. Code is creative
  3. Get the foundations right, build up from there
  4. Accessibility is essential and good for everyone - even if they don't appreciate it yet
  5. Always work closely with other disciplines, especially Design, Strategy, User Experience and Quality Assurance; it's worth taking time to understand their concerns
  6. Knowledge management is vital; document all the things!

Interested in working with me?

You can hire me for contracts based remotely or on-site in Edinburgh.

Email me at hello at geniemouse dot com, ping me via Twitter or find out more on LinkedIn.